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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Artist for Sunday Whirl #74

Thanks, Brenda and Walt, for a fine Sunday wordle prompt!


curtain call
rocking the runway
sensuous saunters
tangled tresses swing
in tune with lilting lyrics

struts in catlike silence
exterior clad in rich color
while peering paparazzi
sigh silhouetted alliteration
darkly daring 

♥     ♥     ♥


Anonymous said...

I love your alliteration, and could feel that swing in your first stanza.

Anonymous said...

Also rocking the wordle. Well done

Anonymous said...

You made this brief stroll into a visual feast, so well delineated,


annell4 said...

I liked this one!

Walt Wojtanik said...

Agree on the alliteration. Woven into the fabric of this one quite seamlessly. Nice work, Tumblewords!

Jannpoet said...

Love it, you captured it beautifully.