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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A for ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday Round 10

An artful artichoke and android

Several years ago, I made 'scratch pads' for special people. The covers carried a sketch or drawing of something particular to the recipient. One daughter was having a love affair with artichokes, so... I laugh when I remember my dear dad saying, "Can you imagine how hungry that person must have been to try artichokes for the first time?" He also said that about crab, lobster and other things which require more than simple fire and knives. :)

Art-ing has been off my radar for a while but has been re-energized with the purchase of a Kindle Fire and a nifty android app which increases my desire to doodle, draw and play with color while wrapped in warm fleece as winter tantrums outside seek entry into my old house. Doodling, Angry Birds and dedicated reading create an awesome world.

Avoiding artichokes. I cannot find the artichoke image. Do you have any idea where it might be? Arg. So, I'll show you part of a borrowed photo of a borrowed kid with his very own shirt.

 Do you doodle? Or, have you an idea about where my artichoke drawing might be?

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Joy said...

Looking in my crystal ball of experience I will guess that you will find the artichoke drawing once you have posted your ABC entry. Love to doodle.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I wonder where that drawing disappeared to? Hope you find it or create another one!

photowannabe said...

Too bad the artichoke disappeared. Its one of my favorite veggies...lots of work but so yummy. My Dad used to say the same thing about them. He just couldn't understand anyone going to that much trouble.
Keep doodling and sharing them with us.

Gigi Ann said...

I see it in the last place you look.!!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Not a doodler, artichoke is playing hide and seek.

An Apple A Day, an artsy thing.

Roger Owen Green said...


ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Reader Wil said...

My husband always "lost" things and asked me:" where is my...? My answer was always :" where you put it last time you used it!" sometimes we could retrace it easily, sometimes it was really annoying! My mum always said that if you lost something in your house it will turn up sooner or later. My advice: start springcleaning, you will find all lost things back.
Have a great week!

Carver said...

I love artichokes but will never eat another without thinking of how hungry the first person who tried one must have been. Maybe your artichoke drawing will appear before A rolls around again.

Unknown said...

Your dad spoke very accurately about artichokes!
ABC Wednesday Team

EG CameraGirl said...

I hate it when something I want disappears. I doodle some, but mostly I write myself notes...which I lose. lol

Wanda said...

Those artichokes are marinating in the back of the refrigerator...move the milk and you will find them. HaHa

Anonymous said...

You can draw on the Kindle Fire? I just got a Touch for Christmas, and like it.

I doodle with computer programs all the time.

Guess you are going to have to redraw the artichoke.

Quiet Paths said...

That's so neat that you designed those for your family. I am laughing at your Dad's comment. Indeed, artichokes were raised for flowers. How did that happen even? My daughter in law draws cartoons and posts them on facebook. They are hilarious.

Mel_Cole said...

love that angry bird shirt :) My "A" for ABC Wednesday.