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Friday, November 12, 2010

Pocket Full of Titles for Big Tent

Big Tent Poetry offers the following prompt: Choose a title from the NYT Best Sellers List and use it as you see fit to form a poem. But I just kept gathering titles...

Pocket Full of Titles

when stories had sharp teeth
while the world was flat
a confession came to light

horror was the smirking chimp
decision points were pointless
when nothing was worth dying for

the american assassin
became the lost symbol
of llama llama holiday drama

tatted girls kicked and played
spat flame from hornets' nests
back when the world was flat

Watercolor by Sue.
♥     ♥     ♥


Friko said...

I don't know what it is the poem refers to, but it cannot be anything very pleasant.

ou are describing a world full of discord, ignorance, deceit and worthlessness; your poem is a powerful indictment against such a world.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

girls kicked and played,...

sad image on this line...
vivid words.
best wishes for your day.

flaubert said...

Love this and the last stanza says so much.

Anonymous said...

A nice write. Considering it consists mostly of titles, amazingly the poem makes some sort of sense... :)

I really liked the line "when stories had sharp teeth" - not sure why, except that so much of writing and music that sells these days - in popular genres anyway - is relatively mediocre. Or is that just me getting older? :)

Awesome painting!

Rallentanda said...

I remember
when the world was flat
before the advent of the Beatles, who brought it to everyone's attention that the world was round.

'Because the world is round
it turns me oooooooooooon'

With this scintillating revelation an entire generation decided to perm their hair and indulge in so much drug taking that the shape of the world was the least of their considerations:)

Anonymous said...

Just noticed your home...Boise St. and Idaho on TV as I write here in Reno!

Mary said...

Susan, I am very impressed with the number of titles you have incorporated! Nicely done.

irene said...

"llama llama holiday drama" is funny!

Anonymous said...

This poem is a bit like a complex wordle! Is there such a thing as a titlele?

Anonymous said...

Great to read, lovely wording.

kaykuala said...

despite comprising titles it jived nicely through your clever treatment. Well organized and well put. Great!

Pushpz said...

when world was flat and we didn't dig deep enough to reach the other side, ur pocket of titles with verse so strong was enough to prove that it was a good insight :))

nan said...

These titles tumbled words right into a very natural poem. Nicely done!

Cynthia Short said...

I was hooked from, "when stories had sharp teeth"! Quite interesting take on the prompt.

Deb said...

With the "Decider" pimping, um, promoting a book, your word choices left me with a decided picture, a decidedly chimp-ish picture.

Very, very well done. Regardless the point you might have been making. :-)

Stafford Ray said...

'when the world was flat' facts were few so anybody could declare anything to be true, and we had no way of testing it. Now we do, but little has changed. Sigh. Nice bit of fun with the prompt.

Amanda Moore said...

Loved the Llama Llama Llama!