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Monday, June 18, 2007

Think Geek Dot Com

I don’t know about you, but I’m wild about gadgets. I love robots. I prefer the kind that work. I’m crazy about possibility and not so fond of reality.

Today I opened a box, delivered by the UPS lady, from thinkgeek and found a water-powered clock. I read the directions -- add water (or coffee, soda, Gatorade, beer or any thin liquid). Water? I poured a little tap water into the cylinders on back of the clock and watched the date and time appear in the face. Wow! I read further and went on to set the clock to the appropriate time. Amazing!

The next item in the small box was a T-shirt claiming, ‘blogito, ergo sum’ and as I giggled, a packing slip with greetings cropped up. ‘Hi Gramma, I hope you like this geeky stuff. Love ya, Bre.’ The kid with whom I share the new and unknowable had sent me a gift straight from the incredibly fun thinkgeek site.

Here’s a picture of the clock… The booklet advises that the water cylinders on back of the clock can hold flowers as well, so if something blooms in my yard I’ll have décor for this incredible time keeper.

Thanks, Bre!!! I love it. Can you see I’m wearing the Blogito T? No? I’ll send you a pic. Let me know when you find the magic cell that fuels cars with water or beer.


Q said...

Wow! I have ordered from Think Geek! I bought my husband a birthday gift from them.
The water clock is very cool...
I want one for my desk.

Anonymous said...

Me too!