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Friday, November 17, 2006

Nanowrimo, Haiku & a Fractal

mottled hands
veins pushing thin skin
crone's reward

Previously published in Erratica II

Today marks halfway +2 in Nanowrimo and I'm making word progress. This year I won't, unless something shifts, have a novel. My character turned frenetic, leaped into three more plots than she can handle. She may have been influenced by my unease and I may not be able to tie the loose strings into one knot. But there's halfway -2 days to go. Anything can happen.

The windstorm last week put me on the road for a day while I searched for hangouts warm and lighted after the electric and phone disappeared from my place. The neighbor reported fireballs and thoughts of life in a war-torn area took up residence in my head to create a short story, submitted on Wednesday.

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