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Monday, June 12, 2006

Wooly Thyme

Wooly Thyme, classified as a stepable, waits in original black plastic planter pots atop my outdoor tables. Soon, I'll move it down where normal folks walk. I'm sure I will. I have in the past.

When I google wooly thyme the articles mention it is fragrance free but I question that. A batch planted several years ago between the stepping stones under a glider produces such exquisite aroma, I find myself stepping on it only to release the scent. Bearing tiny pink flowers, it fills in between rocks and adds falling drama to hanging pots.

It's time to quit leaning into the table top planters for a rewarding sniff and set this charming groundcover in stepable areas.

This photo was taken with a Minolta digital camera on macro setting without flash.

1 comment:

Wriju said...

I agree, you should put it where normal people walk so that it fills in between rocks.

Like an opinion, it's only good when it's out in the open where people may step on it or perhaps notice it :-)