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Thursday, August 14, 2008

TOP German Shepherds

Totally Optional Prompt posts: It hasn't been a 'three dog night' around here for a long time, like since the last ice age, none the less the prompt this week is 'Three Dogs'. The challenge is to write three short poems about dogs, or the animal of your choice. They can be about three dogs, or three aspects of one dog, or the animal of your choice.

I don't have animals so these briefs are about peripherals. :) Wasn't easy for me!

German Shepherds

saber rattles
at interlopers
shares nap time
with cuddly toys

growls large at cat
sees soaring hawk shadow
ducks under deck

collared leash restraint
no diving into pristine
inground people's pool

This photo was created on the Office Max elf website which runs around Christmas time.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Love the elf!



Stan Ski said...

I had a German Shepherd - this is him to a tee!

Anonymous said...

nice haikus.
a dog in an elf suit, cute!

HL said...

Lovely as usual. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

nicely minimal, economical.

"shares nap time
with cuddly toys"

yes you seem to have hit on the multiple facets of a dogs personality here. evocative.

paisley said...

meanie.. let the dog swim in the pool!!!! (s)he will love you for it!!!!

one more believer said...

for having no dogs you've caught their personalities!!!... and that photo, oh goodness, it's almost scary...

Anonymous said...

My big rottwieller cross loves cuddly toys. Two years ago, my daughter in law cleaned out her bedroom in preparation for moving. She ended up with a big black garbage bag full of soft toys and she gave them to my Tom for Christmas. We dole them out to him, one at a time every month or so and he loves them. The bag is in the garden shed and is still half full!

Anywho, I wrote three poems for this prompt:
Dogs of War, Two Pets and My Dog Tom


anthonynorth said...

Loved that picture. And you've got the German Shepherd perfect.