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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flight of Forgiveness

The Totally Optional Prompt is 'Edgar Allen Poe'
Edgar Allen Poe once said, 'Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.' The challenge this week is to see what Poe can inspire.

* * *

Flight of Forgiveness

....Inspired by a picture of discarded lips on a tree lined path.

Lacy cedars.
And quaking aspen.
Stand. Silent.

Crows in free fall
bleed from tree crowns
like tears of obsidian.
Unstemmed. Unstrung.

Cough threat and ridicule.
Feather the ground.
Obscure her tongue.
Pluck old sin from fresh lips.

Mocking absolution.

* * *


gautami tripathy said...

Great words used here. Marvellously done.

powdered charcoal

Stan Ski said...

Absolution, whether available or not is rarely used as justification for actions.

Art and Poetry said...

This is very good!

anthonynorth said...

Deep, and so very, very Poe.

Brian said...

Very moody and savage. Well played. :)

Lenore said...

Your poetry is really enjoyable, I looked forward to seeing what you come up with every week. And once again, this is well done.

odessa said...

very atmospheric. i can *see* the images so clearly.

paisley said...

girl that last line is stellar...

Pluck old sin from fresh lips.

i just wanna read it over and over again.....