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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lost - TOP Poem

Totally Optional Prompts posts: The challenge this week is to write about lost stuff, lost identity.

glass slivers on the patio
shimmered in the crystal night
he came while I was gone and
the moon looked the other way

inside sprawled the hope chest
opened by an egg beater
silverware spilled among papers
photographs and thumb spun books

jewelry - cosmetics - perfume
and, my coin collection
disguised in an old boot box,
never again touched my hands

one day I stood red-faced
to identify silky underthings
in front of three detectives
who caught and lost the thief

safety changed its definition
warning clicks in the night
security shivers in the shadows
he'll make another pass

Processed fractal.


anthonynorth said...

The worse way to lose something.
Excellently done.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Sue, I hope this is not a real happening in your life. Love your images in your words. Such sadness is felt. I know stuff is just stuff but it still hurts. Wonderfully put together and expressed my friend.
The reason your email could not be sent is my box was filled. Also I am now using gmail. Do your have it or you using MrsDalloway at AOL?

love, Melanie

Brian said...

I'm grateful robbery has never touched my life. You've captured the trauma quite well.

Noah the Great said...

Vivid and terrifying.

Stan Ski said...

Bad enough when it happens - but the apathetic reaction from the 'detectives' confirms nothing really gets done about it.

Lilibeth said...

Having them attack the hope chest makes it seem doubly profane. . .and peace lost is so hard to regain. Well written. I can see the images.

JP/deb said...

Innocence lost ... wonderful poem. JP/deb

Writer on Board said...

Chilling, Sue, Chilling!

gautami tripathy said...

Very scary but very well written.

bonded forever