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Friday, August 29, 2008

Verbal Night

Friday 5's prompt words: ashen, ascend, faulty, designate and stomp. Michelle of Poefusion never fails to find words which create forehead wrinkles and cell-aches. This is one of the few times I wasn't required to dig out the gigantic dictionary to seek for meaning...but maybe I should have. :) Thanks, Michelle!


verbal night

down the ashen streets
before shadowed dreams ascend

the faulty stomp in cadence,
designate fits of passion

to the dumpster of the dark,
render powerless those wings

of escape ~ condemn one more day
to the wintery gray of evermore


Digital Photo processed by Sue.

For an exquisite site of photos and small videos, feel free to check out Q's Corner. Her work is uplifting and glorious!


lissa said...

reminds me of Eagar Allen Poe, the way it reads and not because the last word is evermore, I think it's the way the words just blend so well together

paisley said...

kind of eerie... but i love that feeling.....

desert rat said...

Makes me feel chilly, like I should be pulling my coat tight and putting up my collar. A good seque into the early days of fall.

Michelle Johnson said...

I agree with Lissa and Desert Rat that there's a hint of Edgar Allen Poe and the ever edging colder weather in this poem. But, its well written as usual.

I also love your 3WW below and that watercolor is stunning. Keep up the good work. Have a nice night.

gautami tripathy said...

Eeerie but good!

trying to find a meaning

Inland Empire Girl said...

I have not been by recently to visit. The photo and words matched so well.

Cynthia said...

haunting, very poe-ish