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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The Totally Optional Prompt for this week: Have you ever considered deliberately trying to use a different voice? To not sound just like yourself?

My response: I think this isn't my voice and probably never will be. It was an interesting experiment, however. Another voice follows.


Why, Father?

Did you care naught for Mother?
She adored and revered you,
you who were generous to strangers
and incensed by thieving traders.
How could you be cruel to Mother?

You fled the fear of your Father
conferred it to countless progeny
carried by a score of women.
Sweet Echo couldn't purge the grief
my Mother knew at your infidelity.

All in the heavens was yours
but you dishonored my Mother.
I beseeched the Oracle at Dodona
to meditate for answers
but none were forthcoming.

Why, Father?



Leonard Blumfeld said...

Took me back to Greek mythology. Great take on the "different voice" theme!

Stan Ski said...

Very intense; powerful. Reminds us how much we all have to answer for

giggles said...

Excellent, it sounds nothing like you! I still love it though! You have inspired my writers block. I thank you!

Hugs Sherrie

anthonynorth said...

May be a different voice, but equally good.
Why do some men do it?

paisley said...

this is excellent,, a lamentation of sorts... very full of grieving.. a definite deviance of voice for you....

gautami tripathy said...

This hit really hard. Hope it not true..

mom is the word

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

I was moved by this...more from personal experience than anything. I spent many years asking my father "why" -- though he wasn't there to hear me. I always enjoy your words and your writing.

UL said...

deep and sad...different.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

A different voice, a different world! Well crafted!

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel bad. Guys suck!

Dale said...


Beloved Dreamer said...

Very Good, sounds nothing (I think) like you but then you sound different with each poem you write. I must admit I am at a loss as how to sound other then what is within me.
Good Job