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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Down by the Bog

Poefusion Friday 5 offers five words for prompt: prey, quacky, cranberry, fling and winsome. Click the link to see what others responded and feel free to join in Michelle's challenging meme.

not all forms of prey
are perfectly toothsome

observe the intimacy
as a quacky mallard,

using a cranberry
as the new paradigm,

picks one to fling
toward a winsome hen

but only creates wasteful
Rorschach blots of red

Fractal created in Apophysis.


paisley said...

very playful.. i love the image of the duck flinging the berry at the hen... minimalistic perfection as always.....

Michelle Johnson said...

How clever your little poem is. I really like the first and last stanzas. And, I liked your fractal today. Thanks for the kind words at Poefusion. Keep up the good work. Have a nice weekend.

UL said...

a little gift awaits you at my space, hope you will like it, havent had a chance to come by and read but promise to do that soon. hope you are well.

one more believer said...

that was a great play on words... flinging is such an action word... and everyone's use from the prompt has been awesome!!... now the intimacy of a flinging cranberry for love... that's just lovely... fractal is interesting with the red color so vivid..

Christine said...

What an odd coincidence – I used mallard in mine too, but I didn't make them quack.

Your light tone and fun scenario work very well with this odd assortment of quacky words. A great poem

Remiman said...

Perfect! And unique...just like you.

Pearl said...

like the play.