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Friday, September 05, 2008

Flock of Meteorites

Michelle, at Poefusion Friday 5, offers these words for prompt.


And, once again, my dictionary was a necessary reference. I can't wait to read what the others wrote - you, too, can check them out (or play) by following the link.


meteorites of birds
release white shadows
ahead of the sinking sun

earmarked as summer's
sedulous clean-up flock
these flashing birds ferret

bugs and bees drying
like amber tinted blisters
on the wooden deck

apiculate beaks emit
pheromones to keep
their cluster in complicity

when, after a feeding frenzy
of fermented grapes, they
whirl to undress my pear tree



lissa said...

I like the ending, birds undress a pear, what an image

thanks for your visit

Michelle Johnson said...

What beautiful lines you wrote. I love the use of bugs and bees drying like amber tinted blisters and the ending of how the birds undress your pear tree. Beautiful. Have a nice day.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Clapping,laughing and loving each word! I watched the birds and the bugs as I read. I love the pictures you paint in my mind with your words.

paisley said...

oh i love this one.. and i find a bit of my own back yard in it as well....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Those birds will get those pears everytime! So will the bugs . . . but such is nature. Thanks for creating and sharing.

one more believer said...

wow, love the portrayal of natures sights and sounds... birds, bees and bugs.. sounds like a garden heaven...