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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Invitation

Sunday Scribblings prompts with the word Invitation.

Be sure to read what others have written and feel free to play along with this energetic meme!


How Now Dow

Stocks are up – then down
My head begins to pound
Eyes are hot and blurry
My mouth all dry and furry.
Dr. Greenspan, help me please!
I think I have Mad Dow Disease.


I wrote this piece some time back and it was first published in the Saturday Evening Post. As much as things change...a volatile Dow has become a way of life.

Post processed fractal.


DJPare said...

Love it!!

Lucy said...

Saturday eve. Post!!??
I had no idea you used to write for that magazine.
Great poem very appropriate for today as well ( unfortunately!)

texasblu said...

"Mad Dow Diease" - oh I love it! :D

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Cleverer than ever! Thank you for share(ing) it.

paisley said...

girl that is sooo damn clever ... i am jealous!!!!!!

JP/deb said...

So witty and wonderful! Too bad the reality of the situation is less-than-wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Very clever! Thanks of sharing this poem!

susan said...

I only wish our current crisis was funny. I do appreciate the humor though. Maude knows I'm ready to scream.

Dave King said...

I love the idea behind this. It's whatever you want it to be: deep, amusing, prophetic, moving, clever... Great!

anthonynorth said...

Loved the humour in that. And we certainly need some cheer at the moment.

Preethi said...

Mad Dow... good one!! :)

Birthday Invite

Nita Jo said...

Timely and wonderful. Gave me a smile this morning!

Nita Jo

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

mad dow disease :D . . Rofl . Awesome post

rebecca said...

Mad Dow Disease --- he-he, very, very, clever!

Robin said...

Mad Dow Disease. Very funny, but yet sadly true. I really liked this piece.

Skyelarke said...

you're a wise woman

missalister said...

How funny, this poem! And bonus! Just like shoes you put in your closet for awhile, just wait, they’ll be back in style!

Veens said...

ohh it is still very much appropriate isn't it?!

very nice :)